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Interview Destinéa France

Shiva Guruji shares about his 21 Masters, exceptional childhood and life mission.

Read more in the Blog. 


Swiss Yoga Magazine, “YOGA Das Magazin”, 10/16

Art meets Spirituality

Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar blends the two loves of his life, the art & Shiva in his paintings and translates with his creativity & spirituality his visions and soul experiences into artistic creation. During more than two decades Shiva Guruji has exhibited his artwork worldwide and deciphered the language of his soul.

Shiva Guruji’s style is unique and the form of expression of love is wild, which can be seen in his creation. The spiritual artwork with its lines, forms, words, substance and colors are translated into a creation, in which there is a soul and a spiritual life.

From 1st to 30th of October his artwork is exhibited under the title “Art meets Spirituality” in the art gallery Keller in Zurich. Moreover, there are Shiva Dhyan Yoga Workshops with Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar & the Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teacher Shivani Himalaya (Katrin Suter).

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Interview Swiss5/TimeToDo

Which are the main message for humanity in the New Age? The Enlightened Masters answers to core questions on Swiss TV TimeToDo - Schweiz5. 

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A Shiva, a life

Under the High Patronage of the Indian Embassy in Paris, Shiva Guruji has exhibited his Art Work. Read the article


Master & artist from Himalaya

Under the High Patronage of the Indian Embassy in Paris, Shiva Guruji has shared the art & Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation from Himalaya in France. Read the article

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Creating the Creator

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Interview, Times of India


Chaitanya Ganesh, Free Press, 2001

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Article Shiva Guruji GlücksPost

The Swiss Magazine announces Shiva Guruji's conference and Shiva Dhyan Yoga Workshop at the annual Lebenskraft event in Zurich (May 2019)


Article: Shiva Dhyan Yoga, Journal du Yoga

A path to live the life with love and to love the life which one lives. Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar is the founding father of Shiva Dhyan Yoga, Master from Himalaya and spiritual artist and painter. More

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Article: Master from Himalaya at Mt Matterhorn in Switzerland

Testimonial of the Swiss Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teacher Katrin Suter who is also known as Shivani Himalaya. Read the article


Interview with Shiva Guruji - Powerful AUM meditation

Shiva Guruji about Enlightenment & Powerful OM meditation on Swiss TV TimeToDo Schweiz 5 (after 30min)


French TV idf1-2017: outlook for 2018

Shiva Guruji gives an outlook for the year 2018 on the French TV IDF1. 


Article: My Paintings are a two-way info highway

Shiva Guruij article.JPG

Creating the Creator's Form, RAVE, Oct 2002


The World of Art

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