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June 30, 2017

Love - Light – Warmth – Gratitude – Happiness – Being

I know that with these Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditations I have reached today very very far.

In the sky everything moved quickly and animals and Gods have appeared.

I was so close to the Gods.

My mind was switched off and this is what I miss and today it was great!

I feel so much love and gratitude, which is undescribable.

I saw at the beginning of the meditation the Himalayan mountains and this was so much full of sun, love and warmth, as if it was salutating me.

In the deep meditation I saw figures, which were coming closer and closer and a great energy was approaching me.

I saw how I have done a great step in the wide consciousness.

I saw images which were divine and which made me happy, filled with pride.

I feel love, strength and courage

I am in my center and in my peace.

All the suffering had gone, a great power has come through my body as if I was out of my body for a second.

R. from Switzerland

June 30, 2017

Surrounded by Light

"Shiva Guruji prayed over me, chanting and walking and moving his hands which were filled with energy that I could feel from India to New York! Hours later and I still feel tingling all over, I have never felt this way!

Shiva Guruji said many things to me- he said I am a chosen soul and he wanted my soul to dance. He said I should picture myself as if standing on the top of a mountain, that is how I should be. I understood that -while skiing from a mountain top... you only think about the journey down, no other thoughts, nothing else! Shiva Guruji blessed me with the light of Himalaya and chanted some more over me, he said he made my soul happy, and it is a good soul. I am so happy he said that! He said to open and close my eyes as I wished. I felt that I had to close them sometimes and receive the energy, and when I opened them I saw him surrounded by light, like he was glowing.

I felt more tingling and vibrating through my entire body. What an experience- I will never forget it! He said my anxiety suffering is my karma and now some of it has been removed so I can be happy.

I was trying to understand how light was coming from him, he was glowing, and when he moved towards me, I was jolted with energy. He showed me statues (I think but not sure they were Shiva and Ganesh). The statues made me smile, the way he was holding them for me, and he turned his computer all around and showed me more very colorful statues and pictures and a beautiful view.

I again closed my eyes as he chanted and from my 3rd eye I saw violet light in front of me and it turned into white light and came out of the top of my head and surrounded me. Everything was tIngling, I can still feel the energy from the palms of my hands.

Then Shivani Himalaya has given me the special gift of the first 5 Shiva Dyhan Yoga meditations.
I had different experiences with each of the meditations. I was deeply into the first meditation and felt wonderful. In the second meditation which focuses on the pause between breaths, I saw all black dots inside the yellow color that was swirling around in front of my 3rd eye and I exhaled the black stuff out. I was very happy doing the 3rd and 4th meditations, the vibrations were humming and I loved them. I was trying to learn the 5th one, which brings energy throughout the entire body and to do it correctly, so I wasn't able to release my mind completely yet, but I will. I felt very free and happy, I am very grateful to Shiva Guruji and Shivani for this amazing and most wonderful experience!"

June 30, 2017

Happiness & Bliss - Darshan & Shiva Dhyan Yoga with Shiva Guruji & Shivani

I am very grateful that it was possible to participate in the darshan with Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar. I am thankful that I could see SHIVA GURUJI on skype and I was very touched through his presence, which evokes in me love, warmth, gratitude, humbleness, light and contentedness and I feel close again to the source, my home.

During the Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation I saw again and again balls of light, figures of light and the billion blessings of Shiva Guruji went totally through me and after the meditation I had amazingly lots of energy.

Today I felt very well how great the impact of Shiva Guruji is,

I am so happy and in bliss !

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Om Namah Shivaya

June 30, 2017

Enlightening Experience: Shiva Dhyan Yoga with Shiva Guruji and Shivani Himalaya

Already at the first invocation of Ganesha so much energy was streaming into my head and carrying me into an expanded field of consciousness. When Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar came quickly online and gave his blessings, I felt it intensely and I felt as if through the finest channels, which as an ocean of rays coming together on the top of my head and shoulders, softly streaming energy flowing into me. Lightful, light and filled with beauty. 


Through this encounter I realized the meaning of following the dance of the breath more intensely and to become aware;  the breath as stabilizing factor midst difficulties – being aware of the breath and thus realizing oneself and return into the flow – in and through the breath nurture the principle of observing – the breath, the self-awareness, realizing it to be inseparable, connecting everything. This knowledge has sunk into a deep layer in me.


A spark ignited, to practice really the first 5 Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations, because the consciousness has attuned to it.

I could listen to Shiva Guruji with open ears, his teaching was totally clear and close to me, it was as if a voice of the universe was speaking with me. He also took thoughts and doubts of my mind and spoke about it without me saying anything. I felt as if I was added to myself, as a fresh water.


During the music sometimes I became one with it, then again the thoughts came. I observed it.

I return again and again to the breath. Energies, a feeling to become one, images from Krishna, blue light and thoughts were alternating. A feeling of gratitude for all the spiritual Masters came up in my consciousness and touched me to tears. I am moved!


It is as if I could grasp the soft energies in the air!

The world appears as a globe and is blessed with a golden light! A feeling of love for everything has come up.

Energies continue streaming through me and I lied down and fell asleep!

Thank you for this attention and wonderful gift! 

Om Namah Shivaya

July 14, 2017

Darshan & Shiva Dhyan Yoga with Shiva Guruji & Shivani on skype

“Hi Shivani,

Thank You and Shiva Guruji for a totally amazing experience! I was so happy to be invited for Darshan today! When we began, I could feel the happiness and light coming from you and Shiva Guruji and was so happy that he blessed me. I got into the meditations very quickly and began seeing colors, mostly violet and green. As I became deeper into meditation, I did not feel my body and felt like I was in a trance. This is not usual for me, as I was on Skype with others and not usually relaxed. As my breath became very quiet, I could begin to feel pulsating in the palms of my hands. When we did the whirling Sky meditation, I felt a lot of power in my hands and then I saw my aura rising around me. It was a golden-like color, but I saw holes in it and felt that I could repair them, so I went around my aura with the palms of my hands (still in the abhay mudra position) and filled the gaps in my aura until it was totally glowing. I have never seen this aura before, it was like a safe cocoon surrounding me.

When we went into the meditation about knowing yourself and Shiva Guruji was chanting, I felt that I was connected to the power of the Universe. I thought that life here on earth has so many layers of feelings, thoughts, experiences, but now that I have found a way to connect to the Universe and be totally peaceful, I could calm my many fears and anxieties because that fearful mind is only a temporary situation. I understood that I could enjoy life more when living more in the Here and Now and that Shiva Dhyan Yoga is a tool to reach this capability and to calm down the restless mind. I felt safe and I saw vivid violet colors at that point.

I had a very profound experience and feel like I shared something beautiful with the others who joined us on Skype and am very glad to meet them and happy they had a wonderful experience as well. Even thought we were from all over the world, the world is actually a very small place and we are all one.

Thank You Shiva Guruji, for your wonderful Blessing and for sharing your peace and light with us."

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