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Shiva Shakti Eshvar
Jivaneshvar Shankar
Omkareshvar ganesha
Maheshvara Sadashiva
Satchitanandeshvar Shiva
ShivaMaya DivyaEshvar
NatEshvar Natraj
Gangeshvar Shiva
Purusha Prakriti
Shiva Guruji
24 X 18 = 3

Spiritualism is the first Indian art  movement in the form of an “-ism”, introduced by Shiva Guruji, which goes beyond religion and culture with the message for humanity to live in total acceptance of everything and everyone as it is and what it is. It is a message for humanity to give to the world, then GIVERS GET.

Spiritualism is SHIVA = Synergy Harmony Innovation Vast Awakening.

Spiritualism brings forth the light of the enlightening experiences, which Shiva Guruji had in the meditations.


Spiritualism =

S: Synchronization

P= Performing


R= reality








M= meditative


Spiritualism is about total acceptance. It is an expression of humanity being in the symphony of nature, mirroring the divine nature. Spiritualism is the way of being and living of humanity with the acceptance of everything and everyone.


Spiritualism is including all the 5 elements of SHIVA = Sky (Aether) – Horizon (Earth) – Ignition (Fire) – Water – Air.


Spiritualism is the space of humanity to be in a meditation.


The core of the human being, the core of the existence, it is the breath. To know your breath, know yourself. Shiva is the breath of every living being, the prana. As water has a different name in different languages and cultures, the same way, spiritualism has a dimension in different cultural ways and perceptions.


Spiritualism is a multidimensional multiway, leading the human being the self, self-knowledge and self-realization. It leads to peace and harmony and the power to give others joy and happiness.


Spiritualism is a space of universal happiness and personal expression in various languages of culture, art, expression with various ways and forms to expand.

All the artists, performance creators, dancers, actors, filmmakers, fashion designers, craftsmen and creators of all the human artefacts, the entire humanity, can join this way of spiritualism to express their art and heart. This is the journey from the soul to the self and from I to We and to Thy (God).

Art Exhibitions (One Man Shows)

● Ceramic Paintings - Jehangir Art Gallery -1978

● Drawings - Max Muller Bhavan - 1978

● Drawings & Graphics - Artist Centre -1986

● Ganesha - Nehru Centre Art Gallery-2001.

● Ganesha - Son-Et-Lumiere Art Gallery-2001

● Ganesha -Tara Mara (Australia) - 2001

● Shiva - Jehangir Art Gallery – 2003, 2009

● Shiva - Bajaj Art Gallery – 2003

● Indian Icon - Culture Centre Of Russia- 2003

● Shiva - Shagun Art Gallery 2004

● ShivaShakti - Museum Art Gallery - 2006, 2007

● Spiritualism - Maharashtra Kala Academy - 2011

● Shiva - Private show in USA - 2011

● Spiritualism - Jehangir Art Gallery - 2013

● Spiritualism - Bern, Switzerland – 2015

● Spiritualism, Zurich - Switzerland -2015

● Shiva Spiritualism, Kongresshaus Zurich - Switzerland -2016

● Shiva Spiritualism - Namasté Festival France under the high patronage of the Indian Embassy in Paris - Center for Indian-French Cultural Relations (CRCFI)– France -2016

● Shiva Spiritualism, Art Gallery Keller - Zurich - Switzerland -2016


Art Exhibitions (group shows)

● Sparsh A Show on Visuals Perceptions Jehangir Art Gallery - 1983

● Light & Pixles - 2 Visual Perceptions Nehru Centre Art Gallery –1993

● Aksharbeej - Calligraphic Expression Tao Art Gallery - 2002

● Shiva & Shakti Paintings Nehru Centre Art Gallery-2003

● Indian Art Exhibition - Bruno - 2007

● Shiva Paintings LA (U.S.A) – 2011

● Shiva Spiritualism - Spring Salon - Gallery Thullier – Paris – France -2016

● Shiva Spiritualism - Namasté Festival France under the high patronage of the Indian Embassy in Paris - Gallery Miliano - Evreux – France -2016

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