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Article Swiss Magazine Glueckpost July 2017

Master from Himalaya

"I felt that I had reached in me when I met the enlightened Master Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar in India for the first time. He even knew my previous lives", the Shiva Dhyan Yoga teacher Shivani Himalaya (Katrin Suter) shares.

Of Swiss origin, having studied International Relations and worked as team leader in the financial sector already at a young age, she followed the calling of her soul. After several years of search in many countries with the core life question "who am I?" and practicing various meditation and yoga styles, she reached to Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar in India.


The enlightened Master was himself trained in Himalaya during several years and is also Expert in the Vedic Soul Astrology & 64 mystic arts.

"The breath meditations of Shiva Dhyan Yoga awaken my inner light and give me total clarity. When I practice Shiva Dhyan Yoga and teach, I am free from fear, doubt and the world of thoughts", Katrin Suter describes who is now known under the name of Shivani Himalaya and who is a Shiva Dhyan Yoga teacher.

Already since the first encounter with Shiva Guruji she has experienced the state of total peace and dove into the inner light. "Shiva Guruji is a true Master, since he has the capability to give the direct spiritual experience and to open the third eye", Shivani emphasizes. She will take Shiva Guruji again to Switzerland in August. (More information:;"

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