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Article: Shiva Dhyan Yoga

Article published in the French Yoga magazine “Journal du Yoga “, January 2017, about Shiva Dhyan Yoga & Shiva Spiritualism Art by Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar. Announcement of the Shiva Spiritualism Art Exhibition & Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teachers Training held in February 2017 at the Yoga School Suresnes in Paris.

Translation from French into English

Shiva Dhyan Yoga

A path to live the life with love and to love the life which one lives. Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar is the founding father of Shiva Dhyan Yoga, Master from Himalaya and spiritual artist and painter.

In this painting, “the blue Shiva”, created by the Master, the right hand of Shiva is held in the abhay mudra, which means fearlessness in Sanskrit to give blessings and the state of being without fear.

Live a life in joy, this is living life without fear, without doubt and mental or emotional agitation the thumb represents the true self inside of us, who we really are. It touches the index which denotes Thy, the divine and the planet Jupiter, the planet of the Guru and inner guide. The Himalayan Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations allow to know who we are and what our life mission is. Seeing the breath, one is in the breath and is able to focus, to center oneself and in the end to realize oneself. As Shiva is represented in the blue light with the outlines, one realizes, that one is not the body, not the mind, one is the soul, the light, the pure essence of life. “To see Shiva, be Shiva. Shiva is the breath. When you know Shiva, you know yourself. When you know yourself, you know the world."

(below the blue Shiva painting made by Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar)

S= Synergy with the self – symphony with oneself – sky (element space)

H = Harmony with humanity – horizon (element earth)

I = Initiation – inspiration – ignition (element fire)

V = vaste – variety – vibration – water (element water)

A = acceptation – ascension & éveil de la conscience - air (prana, element air)

The soul is dancer

Letting go, what at first appears to be difficult, becomes possible with the meditation. This is a state of full consciousness which Shiva Guruji transmits and shares in individual initiations or Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation, individual or in a group. “The soul is a dancer” (Atma nartaka) – In the Nataraj meditation of Shiva Dhyan Yoga (Nataraj is the dancing form of Shiva), you are the dancer and the dance. “When you dance, you and the dance become one. When you meditate, you become One with the meditation. “the soul starts to dance when one is free of thoughts and emotions, when one is in a state of Oneness, of harmony and peace. Shiva Dhyan Yoga is an experimental yoga and method for the soul to realize who you are beyond the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual dimension. It is also beyond our conditioning, doubts, thoughts and negative emotions.

Meet Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar in Paris in February. On 25th & 26th of February: teaching and exhibition at the Yoga School in Suresnes –;;

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