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OM Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji has created the Sadashiva painting as part of the Spiritualism Art of the Himalayan Master & artist. Shiva Guruji says that SHIVA means Synergy Harmony Initiation Vastness Awakening Awareness. Sadahisva is a form of Shiva with five heads, representing the five elements of the existence and ten hands. SHIVA includes all five elements in us and in the nature: Sky (element Space) Horizon (element Earth) Ignition (element fire) Vastness (Water) Air (element Air, Prana).

The five heads also represent the five aspects Sathyojatha, Aghora, Vamadeva, Thathpurusha and Ishana.

1. Satyojat is the aspect of the Earth and is the Sun, Goddess Lakshmi, Brahma, the letter AUM, Rig Veda, Garhapathyagni (the household fire), mantras, Saptha Swaras (the seven musical notes) and yellow color. Satyojat gives all that is wished for. Another name for Satyojat is Rudra, the transformative power of Shiva, transforming negativity into positivity, fear, ignorance, anger, lust and violence. Rudra is also associated with the protection from death and its fear.

2. Aghora is the aspect of the Water and is Moon, Mother Goddess Parvathi, Yajur Veda, blue color of the cloud, Dakshinagni (the fire of the South) and fifty letters. It drives away all sins, transforms all that is evil and provides wealth. It is the fearless aspect of Shiva and makes way for new creation or regeneration.

3. Vamadeva is the female aspect of Shiva. He gives great knowledge and transforms all sins. It is the aspect of fire, the lights of billions of suns, Sama Veda, eight type of songs, courageous tone, Ahwaneeyagni, the power of knowledge, the power to transform. It gives full consciousness, rules over all the three worlds and grants luck and results for the actions performed.

4. Tatpurusha is with eight letters (Aa, Ka, Cha, Ta, Tha, Pa, Ya, Sa) and is in the eight petal lotus and is normally surrounded by Air. It has five fires, protects effects of mantras, personification of the fifty consonants, has the form of Atharva Veda, is the chief of several billions of Ganas, has the shape which is extremely big, red colored, gives whatever is asked for, medicine for worry and diseases. Tapurusha is the root of Srishti (creation). It is the ego aspect of Shiva and associated with meditation and enlightenment. In this aspect, Shiva is often associated with sages and celibacy.

5. Ishana is the omnipresent and omnipotent power of Shiva. Ishana is depicted as all-Pervading and eternal Shiva. He is the cause of creation. Ishana is also shown as the witness for intelligence and activator of the brain. It is the aspect of sky and cannot be seen. Ishana is adorned with the OM sound and is beyond the sound. It has the shape of all devas. It is peaceful and beyond peace. It is Aa and occupies the headship of vowels. It is the form of PanchaBrahma which is everywhere and activates the five actions of creation, continuation, completion, veiling and grace. Whichever is seen or heard is the soul of ParaBrahman.

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