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Dimensions and Associated States of Consciousness

The Dimensions and the associated States of consciousness

3D State:

Living from a 3D state is living form a physical state and limited consciousness. You feel you are separate from others and it is a survival mode. The self-identification is through the outer appearance, the profession, the material wealth and the friend circle. In this state fear prevails. It is likely that you have judgments like this is good, this is bad. This state of consciousness is marked by the feeling of lack. You rely on your five senses to live in the world. There are lots of emotions. In a 3D state there is no desire to go deeper and understand the true meaning behind things.

4D State:

Living in a 4D state, we begin to be awaken to the idea that we all are connected and that there is something beyond the physical appearance. It is easy to go back to 3D and more difficult to go to the 5D state of consciousness. In this state, the thoughts become more powerful. You still see the duality of good and bad, light and darkness and at the same time you understand it better and with more compassion. In this state, meditation, well-being and healthy lifestyle become more important. You think about the consequences of your actions. There is a drive to find your life purpose and to do what you love to do. Your intuition starts to get more refined and you perceive the world through 6 senses. At the same time you are looking for a deeper meaning in life and you start to see the magic in the Universe.

5D State:

From a 5D level of consciousness you begin to understand that we are all one and connected and it is difficult to go back to the 3D state. You perceive life as an evolution of growth and you are beyond judgment of good and bad. You can understand that there is a higher purpose of everything and you feel connectedness with your inner self, with humanity and the Universe. You feel compassion for others and understand, that everyone is her or his own path. You understand your life purpose and live your truth. You realize that you are truth, consciousness and bliss. At this stage, there is no comparison nor competition. You know who you are and you are connected with your inner being.

6D & 7D: Higher States of Consciousness Enlightened Masters like Shiva Guruji have achieved an even higher state of Consciousness where they are totally One with the divine. It is a state beyond time & space. Enlightened Masters create with their words, with their intention and thoughts and they remain in a state of Oneness. In that state, one can travel in the light body anywhere at any time. Time and Space are surpassed. The self-realized Masters act with a deep understanding of the different realities and levels of consciousness in line with the divine will and with unconditional love for humanity. They uplift others to higher states of consciousness and make them realize their inner light.

8D, 9D and 10D: Even higher States of Consciousness

At this stage one is totally One with the divine and can choose to return to the Source and move out of the body to an even higher consciousness.

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