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Interview with Shiva Guruji

„Encounter with a great spiritual Master and Founding father of Shiva Dhyan Yoga”

Shiva Dhyan Yoga is a meditation method to awaken the awareness, which leads to a self-knowledge.

Realizing who you are with your own breath, soul, heart, body and mind, Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you the experience with yourself in SHIVA = Synergy – element space

Harmony / Horizon – element Earth

Initiation / Ignition - element Fire

Vast vibrations / Water – element Water

Awakening awareness / Air – element Air and breath

Its practice is multidimensional and transforms on spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level. The negativity dissolves and inner peace, joy and unconditional love is gained.

The path of happiness and fulfillment appears and you can become giver of light.

“When Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar came to Paris, we could have a conversation with this enlightened Master from Himalaya. After intense training since early childhood with his Masters, in search of Shiva and the self, he devotes during more than 30 years to Yoga and the study of Vedic sciences, mystic and spiritual arts. He becomes soul guide for all religions and cultures, out of intense compassion, giving his talents in service of humanity.”

How was your childhood? At what moment did you feel sort of a click to start devoting to your mission?

“My mother was yogini, deeply spiritual. She wanted to learn and teach this art. Before I was born, my near ones prepared my arrival praying to God to call the divine to come in our family and that I could receive all divine knowledge necessary to offer my life in service of the world. I became gradually the reflection of my 21 rand Masters. The first gave me the light to mediate, the second, my two eyes for the awakening and the ability to know who I really am, the third, the power to think positively and forget all negativity. All the others have followed a well-elaborated script for my education. I was trained to become Master with discipline. My name means the first light and sunshine. In the zodiac this is the God of the world.”

As a teenager, was this a revelation, an inner joy or a constraint?

My childhood was wonderful. The other children were jealous and wondering, why I was treated like a God. I was used to spend only time with wise Masters and people who had each a special talent in a particular domain. I did not feel suffering, I was protected and looked after 24 hours, bathing in positivity.

Was there a final initiation to become a Master, could you share about this experience?

Learning philosophy, music, painting, initiation to spirituality, looking at the beauty of the universe. I am a reflection of all that which was taught to me and I am sending back positivity and love for humanity.

As a Master, what do you give the world?

My role is to give to others wisdom and universal love.

How is a typical day for you?

I use to work a lot. I get up at around 3.30am and stay connected with Shiva. I listen to my inner self and visualize the world with a feeling of compassion and benevolence. I also use all the new technology. I see TV to see the world and what is happening. From 7am onward and when the sun rises, I pray, receive light and energy of the heart, not from the mind. Every morning during one hour I write and I paint. Thereafter I eat only when I am hungry. Then during 9 hours, I dedicate myself to the transmission of knowledge with personal meetings, skype, emails, and written responses.

What are the people who are coming to you looking for and what can you give them?

Only positivity and especially to the people who want to give the energy to others.

The world today is troubled, not all people are initiated into meditation, but some have an aspiration for well-being and spiritual development. Which message can you give them to guide them?

One thing: consciousness is not running everywhere and looking at what negative happened d in the past. You have to go ahead, listen to the good things, give the best of you, smile to life, work, work, work and then you will win.

Think positively and creatively. You have to be patient and believe in your destiny. God uses us for that, so let us be sensitive to the first letters of humanity:

H Humanity

U Universe

M Miracle

A Awakening

N Newness

Without this, the soul of the human being becomes caged.

“My roots are in Himalaya and my branches in the whole world”, Shiva Guruji says.

The core teaching of Shiva Guruji is “Givers get”.

You reached France for the salon Zen, the salon of the well-being. Which were your first impressions when you put your feet on French territory?

For me Paris and France are among the most beautiful places in the world, because Paris allows you to express yourself, regarding art, cultural, music and spiritual performance. The Seine, Notre-Dame and all your beautiful churches. The notion of awakening in the world here is real and not an imaginary vision. Your architecture is very beautiful and rich, as our temples in India, which reveals a sacred part, it is a true delight. Here, people are inspired, initiated. Paris is a beautiful place for spirituality. I feel France is fantastic, because it integrates everything. The people accept all opinions. There is only one thing to pay attention to: people in France should not take the bad habits of Indians, which is the indifference.

To be in France is a privilege which has to be earned. Nothing in this world is for free, it is the law of nature.

The word “akash” refers to the memory of the past, the present and also the future. What is your vision of it?

You have two demons to kill in your mind. The first is the fear and the second the doubt. It is importance to replace fear with the belief in yourself, in the nature, the universe and humanity. Do not think how the world is doing and how to change it. Change yourself, your mind with your positive thoughts and see what you can give the Universe. Concerning doubt, you have to kill it. It is important to realize the divine in us, to reconnect and to be initiated. Someone asked me recently “what can we do for the world”. I replied “stop gossiping and start taking action!”.

In Europe we are living difficult moments with negative vibrations, extremist movements which brought chaos and attacks. What do we have to realize concerning what is happening, how to come out of doubt, how to forgive and find harmony in ourselves in the daily life?

Spirituality is beneficial and also sharing positive thoughts. Let us stop cultivating a mental state which harms society. It is important not to indulge in what is comfortable and easy. It is important to stop saying negative things and to start speaking about the beautiful things which we want to create. Everyone must contribute, take action and not speak unnecessarily. What the world can do for us is not important, what we can do for the world is important. If you want peace, speak of peace and forget the past and turn towards the future.

Which are the perspectives for the world in 2018?

2018 is a very positive year, it is a year of revelation, realization and new creation. The number “2” represents the moon and the woman. It is important to stay away from all worries. Anxiety destroy the creation. There will be day and there will be night, peace and war, light and shadow, this is the duality. It is a year to prepare to receive the divine.

The number 8 represents the heaven (paradise) and the hell (opposite). We have to accept both, but choose the better. If you turn the 9, it becomes the symbol of infinity. Transform the negative into the positive, but at the same time accept duality. 1+8 is 9, the number of the divine. It is a staircase. In 2018, 2 represents the moon and woman, the circle 0, the universe (sky and sun), 9+2=11, it is the transition from shadow to light, from 0 to 1.

1+1 is not two, it represents the yin and yang, the period where miracles become possible, the year of energy, the year of eternity and the woman.

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