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The Infinity of the Sky in You

Om Namah Shivaya

With consciousness, look into yourself and into your breath.

Vitarka means going beyond logic – Utarka designates doubt and fear.

Think consciously of creating something and going towards a divine goal, a life goal.

When you get atma gyana, the knowledge of the soul, you get total self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Work for it! Every decision becomes self-knowing, your atma, soul.

What are your dreams based on? On world comparison?

“If I become like this I will be happy?”

“They have this, and that, I do not have it “ These are logic which are not beneficial for you.

Know yourself and know your breath. Without knowing it is happening.

Vitarka atma gyana – believe in the best, believe that in the higher consciousness everything is possible!

GOD is Giving Only Doing.

See the stars, see the infinity.

The same, in ourselves we have a sky to reach anywhere. Whatever you want, it is available.

When you get up in the morning, see the sky – Akasha - everything is recorded in it. In the sky the whole universal happening of the past, present & future is recorded.

Shiva’s first S is Skye.

Second h is horizon - when the sky meets the Universe. The sky is infinite, the whole Universe has a full sky. It is the space of infinite possibilities, infinite potential & infinite creation.

In SHIVA s is sky akasha, the askaha is infinite.

Sky consists of past, present and future, of the entire cosmos and Universe.

It is the infinite space. In that akash everything is.

It is a reflection of everything in this Universe. There is an inner sky, which is in everybody’s being, everybody’s soul and that inner sky has the same infinite space in that soul as supersoul.

The sky is the space where the infinite reflection of everything, which is happening in this Universe, is reflected and recorded.

Everybody’s being, everybody’s life, everybody’s love, all that is beautiful and wonderful.

Whatever happens in the light of heaven, eternal awakening, vibrational ascendance of newness.

The soul is sat chit Ananda – Truth, consciousness and bliss.

It is the only perception and what you perceive in the Indian Vedic science or Himalayan learning of all Masters, where we go: we go on the high of the mountain.

We go on the height where there is only ice. You become part of the sky. All around you 360degrees. You become a part of the sky. In Sanskrit it is called akasha, it is called everything, eternal existence.

Everybody, what they are thinking, anything, which is possible, is the sky.

If you know your inner sky, inner potential, inner grace, if you get self-realization, anything you want it is possible.

Atma gyan, soul knowledge, brings you wings of angel. Birds fly in the sky, they are not carrying any burden. They are flying in the sky, they have wings, so we have.

Not in our mind, in our existence, in our soul. That is why a human being with the use of the sky also can.

If you want to be who you are not, then you can’t be who you are.

If you are a human being, you can be with the whole Universe. If you try to become the bird, it is not possible. Svabhava what you are you can be with that.

The sky reflects all the synergy of who you are, what you are, what is your soul. When you do Shiva Dhyan Yoga, you are knowing your synergy harmony inspiration vibration awakening that time, that space, you are connected.

Some people with vision, those who have achieved self-awareness, self-realization, they understand.

When you see their face you can see the sky on their face, infinite vibration. This is a space of God.

Why there is aura – they are carrying infinite sky around them. Many Masters they carry always the light. When you are with this kind of divine self-realized enlightened person, the seer also gets the light around.

Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

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