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About Duality and Consciousness

Duality is in the mind. Shiva is eternal existence, Shakti is energy.

If you have no consciousness, then you have no life, because it is the breath which brings consciousness. The breath, prana, brings you life.

Energy is your breath, but your body is a body. Because there is eternal existence in you in the form of the energy of breath, you are living. The breath and the body, it is dual. In togetherness, they are alive.

What happens when you die: your body becomes separate from breath.

So what lives in the world, it is an energy, it is not the substance.

A cup is non-dual, because there is no breath or prana in it. It is only material.

On the contrary, the human beings gross body has a very subtle breath.

Understand, suffering is on the mind. The mind has a consciousness.

Suffering is on the mind and the mind has a consciousness.

Suffering comes from the sensations: what you see, what you feel, what you understand, what you perceive. Out of that, if something makes you happy, you feel happiness and if something makes you feel unhappy, it becomes unhappiness which gives you suffering.

In the spiritual world suffering is like the void and joy and happiness are like the light.

Suffering is nothingness. By default it comes: if you want to have something, which you don’t have, then suffering will start.

If someone is equanimous, it doesn’t matter if you have that or you don’t have it.

Good space is happiness (Sulabakam iti sukam), including all spaces: good space of money, relationships, physical space & spiritual space. If you have it and you have an understanding, if you have a source of substance, then you are happy.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga creates a good space for you within and without. It gives you the understanding that you are unique and special and you don’t get worried about what is happening outside of you and whatever you do you do it with integrity & intention.

You realize that your happiness is not dependent on others happiness. When Guru teaches you, he gives you the enlightening moment of discovering yourself.

Whatever there is, it is the supreme consciousness.

If there is no breath, there is no prana, there is no light.

In a dead person, there is no suffering. In a person, who is alive, there is suffering.

You have to understand the form of the breath. The breath itself, it is a duality of breathing in and breathing out. A separate breathing happens. Day and night, light and darkness. Everything is non dual: Body and breath it is non-dual, it is in a togetherness. Yin and Yang is together, it is one.

In the same way in the space of the mind there is joy and no joy - suffering and non-suffering together, suffering and bliss together.

Shiva is consciousness and Shakti is energy of consciousness.

What we teach is Kashmiri Shaivism, everything is cosmic consciousness:

When you understand everything, which exists, is cosmic consciousness.

Breath is cosmic consciousness. Without breath, nothing exists.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga is beyond: you are connected with your super-consciousness. Super-consciousness is being with your breath. There is no Swiss, American, French or Indian breath. Breath is a breath. It is very important to understand this.

The Universe consciousness is inseparable, it cannot be separate.

The breath-in and breath-out, you cannot separate it, it belongs together.

Life and death, you cannot separate.

There are separate points:

If the birth is there, death is there. It is inseparable.

If the day is there, night is there.

If bliss is there, suffering is there.

Pure consciousness, creation, creator becomes one of existence.

The prime philosophy is that everything is absolute reality.

If you know who you are, you know who the whole world is, you know the entire Universe.

What is the purpose of life? Living. Are you living?

Are you living or are you dying every time with your frustrations, grief, torture & competitions? Are you really living?

Are you living? Are you living the life, which you love? Are you loving the life, which you live? Are you loving the life which you have? Are you living life, which you wish?

When you are wishing, then you are not living the life. You are living it in the future, it is a dysfunction.

Suffering comes from your past experiences, which is lived. You are thinking of what has happened and you cry something happened to you. You lost something, people. Money, respect. All this is in the domain of your thoughts, the mind.

In reality what has happened, somebody, who is in relation with you, has entered in the space form living to non-living, from the space of life to the space of no life.

If you ask, what is the purpose of your life? What is the purpose of my life? The purpose of life is living. Living as it is & what it is that it is, not attaching any meaning to it.

The moment you attach meaning or you want a philosophy of life how to live. Breath doesn't ask you your philosophy. The divine consciousness, supreme consciousness is in the breath. It is gifted to you it is given to you. Your breath is with yourself, it doesn't come with philosophy, it comes with the acceptance. You are living because there is breath in you functional. It is functioning and the source of the creator. Your breath is a consciousness of living. As nobody can give you a consciousness, you can have your consciousness. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you self-consciousness.

If you see, the thought creates emotion and emotion creates breath patterns. If you are in a sorrow you sob and if you observe your breath the pattern of the sorrow gives sorrowful breath, sobbing, stopping breathing.

If you are in an infinite bliss of joy, if you remember something, an ecstatic experience like scuba diving or parachuting, flying, the first experience of ecstatic love, all this gives you a blissful happiness and this happiness is emotional experience of enchantment.

Be aware of your breath patterns during this experience. Be aware of the flying, glowing and enlightening breath patterns.

If you see you are totally consciousness, it remains continuous calmness.

When in the suffering, the breath creates conflict.

In that suffering or sadness somebody cries, sobs, shouts, creating block patterns in our breath.

If you observe actors in the film, or theater, when they cry, their consciousness is not crying but they are emoting the actions through the breath and instructing to their breath how to act and feel and create emotional expressions during acting of sorrow, with expression on the face. They create a breath pattern.

In the joy and bliss like Santa Clause laughing, you take a deep breath lifting the diaphragm and putting the breath of happiness. It is exhaling with the heart, expressing the sound ho ho ho, creating a joy without and within you.

The Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation of hahaha, hohoho is creating the pattern of a full breath in the heart like in the heart meditation in continuation with the expression of an inner and outer connection with bliss, happiness & ecstasy and expression of enchantment, exhaling with a smile, joy & feeling of a full expression. It is a declaration between divine, you and me are one. Santa Clause gives, the giving itself. It is a simple thing: exhaling is giving, then you inhale.

In Shiva Dhyan Yoga, Shiva Guruji says, there is no duality. Who are you, who is giving? There is no other there. The giver and giving is one.

If you ask, what is the purpose of your life? The purpose of your life is living in the full consciousness of creating and being a creator, giving and being a giver.

Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

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