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Second Shiva Dhyan Yoga: Awakening knowledge - gyana jagrata

Breathe in. Pause. Breathe out. In between the two breaths there is a gap.

You have the world knowledge, but you do not know who you are.

This meditation is about being awakened inside of you and outside of you.

You will gain the knowledge of your own breath your own self. It is an awakened state you get to know in the gap in-between the two breath. Gain the personal knowledge of your inner world.

Breathe in. Pause. Breathe out. In between there is a gap. In the gap you get the awakened state and become aware of the inner self and the inner world. And then when you see the world with open yes through the inner journey will be available to see the object in the world happier and as it is and what it is. When you close the eyes in this Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation, the knowledge will awaken. It is a state of awareness of knowing yourself. When the eyes are closed, you see the breath coming in and going out deeply and you stop the way of the mind and the contact with the external world. It is an inner journey. Your awareness awakens seeing the gap in-between the breath which is coming in and going out.

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