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How Shiva Dhyan Yoga best works

Shiva Dhyan Yoga is seeking for Shiva, seeking for the self and participating in Shiva Dhyan Yoga is giving your Self for self-realization and self-revelation, having a sense of what you want to know, knowing a maximum of you and instead of expecting from Shiva Dhyan Yoga, to heal, to get something, you give yourself to yourself, and just be attentive to the divine experience. How to create the most value from Shiva Dhyan Yoga – it will only happen in your devoted, dedicated being there, self-reviewed, self-seen, self- revealed and it will happen with experiential understanding about you, who I am, who you are. Shiva Dhyan Yoga is set for self-revelation to engage powerfully with intention, intuitions, inspirations, with the powerful potential and pure seeing of your being, experience feeling yourself, knowing yourself, get the maximum value of a self-realization and revealing yourself, with the experiential seeing of light inside you being light, physically, mentally and spiritually. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you wings of wisdom, to fly in the divine sky.

Sravan – manan – chintan: listening - contemplating - self-realizing - in Shiva Dhyan Yoga we visit our inner self, seeing our breath, as a divine gift, being with our prana, being with our Shiva, with our breath, being open-minded, and objective and subjective to the self. In fact, our approach to ourselves, is with Synergy Harmony Initiation, Variety Vast Awakening. In this Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation session, we approach to self-seeing, self-being, self-realization and self-revealing, breaking away from our pre-existing thoughts & ideas, and awakening ourselves giving up our conditioning and being open to the new aspiring awareness of awakening, instead of our programmed and usual listening, we see, we feel, we sense, we listen, we taste, we touch, the transformative experience of transcendental meditation, which gives to us, the opportunity to see perceptions, profoundly pure, with the existential color, and our relationship with ourselves and others, become Shiva = Synergy & Synchronization, Harmonization, Inspiring, Vast, Aspiration, Awareness of our filters, recognition of our limits, our possibilities, revealing our potentiality, and becoming refreshing with the freedom, of being, in awareness, being in approach, to live with love and grace and awakening awareness. Om Namah Shivaya Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

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