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Shiva Dhyan Yoga – Giving Awakening, giving you back to yourself

Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives your Self to your Self, the ultimate reality, which is Oneness and a consciousness of a changeless principle of all changes. It is the experience with the supreme self, seeing ourselves. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives prakasha, the eternal light to evolve ourselves to ourselves, the svabhava, our true inner nature. It is the self-quality of Sat Chit Ananda Shiva, Truth Consciousness & Bliss. It is the nature mirroring, the mirror of Shiva, knowing your own truth, Satyam (truth), Shivam (consciousness), the Grandeur of power and Sundaram, the beauty in you. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you Svatantria, the divine freedom to be in the state of being, in search of excellence of the Self, Shiva & Shakti. It expresses the will (iccha), knowledge (gyana) & action (kriya).

Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives the ultimate reality of yourself in the universal consciousness, a supreme spiritual energy of power. It makes you realize who you are and that you are the all-inclusive, universal consciousness. It is the transcendental, absolute, divine reality & Chit, the supreme consciousness. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you the power of self-realization, of realization of the supreme divinity, which is known as Shiva, the whole nature, the whole universe of being. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives absolute bliss (Ananda) & freedom (svatantria), consciousness (chit), which are the form of Shiva & Shakti’s will & desire, which is also known as Sadashiva. Gyana, the knowledge, is an aspect of Ishvara, the divine.

The knowledge (gyana) of Shiva Dhyan Yoga consists of wish & will yoga to know yourself, to get the knowledge, it is including gyana yoga.

In Shiva Dhyan Yoga you have Gyana, Dhyana & Kriya Yoga. From there you become a Raja Yogi and then Shiva Dhyan Yogi. It is a transformation. The power of assuming every form is Savidya or Shudda vidya, the true and pure knowledge and the universe is just a manifestation, an expansion of a supreme Shakti energy.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga teaches you about the Shiva Tattwa as a creative creator of the self as well as the second Shakti Tattwa, the energy of Shiva, aham & idam, I and this. You understand the subject & object of the existence. Third is Sadashiva, the experience of “I am this” - your will and wish become the divine wish & you know the divine design. From Maya you travel towards self-realization. And consciousness of self-awakening, Ishvara the divine experience is given by Shiva Dhyan Yoga and by the realized Guru, a blossoming awakening and knowing the knowledge of the eternal existence happens.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you good & pure knowledge (Sar & Shudda Vidya), an awakening of the maya, the illusion of the world.

1. Kala (time), knowing the universal authorship of the universal consciousness beyond limitations of time (Sarva karta )

2. Vidya (knowledge) - universal consciousness frees from the illusion of world knowledge

3. Raga (attachment) allows desire for a particular thing.

4. Kala it is the eternity of creation in the past , present and future

5. Nyati is a destiny

These 5 elements of illusions of the world create experience of our knowing by the conditioning.

Then there is Purusha, a male element and Prakriti, the female element. Purusha is the sky and Shiva and prakruti is the Shakti & Earth. The Prakruti Shakti as 3 gunas, the quality of nature – sattwa, raja, tama.

Sattwa is brightness & lightness, positive psychological joy and peace

2. Rajasa is the kingly attitude of enjoyment, goodness. By activity, craving, passion, principle of ambition

3. Tamasa: dullness, illusion, rejection

6. Buddhi - intelligence – external by the eyes - internal images created by our impressions, by our mind

7. Ahamkara: self ego, self appreciation

8. Manasa: the mind builds perception of senses, it builds images of the senses

9. 5 powers of sense organs - gyanendrias – 1. Smelling; 2. Tasting; 3 seeing; 4. Feeling; 5. Hearing Shiva Guruji has awakened all gyanendriyas

10. 5 work organs - Karmendriyas : speaking, handling locomotion, action, excretion,

11. 5 karmantras: ahamkara, sound as such, touch as such, taste as such, odor as such.

12. 5 elements associated with the 5 sensory organs: Space is the word/sound (Akasha is shabda), wind is touch (vayu is sparsha), fire (teja), is form/seen (rupa), water (aapa) is by taste (rasa), earth (prithvi) is by smelling (gandha)

13. In Shiva Dhyan Yoga you get a liberation form the complexes of conflicts in the conditioning and with a divine Shakti of Shiva Dhyan Yoga you travel to the I-consciousness, the self-consciousness.

14. Chaitanya is a consciousness you get with the absolute freedom of will and Shiva Dhyan yoga knowledge & your action becomes. Then peaceful bliss comes. Your will & your knowledge awakens and you become aware and respect of willing knowledge & action is free from bondage and you get liberated. There is no more tension and conflict, then you accept everything and anything, the awakening awareness. Neither reject anything nor accept anything abide in your essential whole self which is an eternal breath. It is a choiceless awareness. An awareness which is not a thought. This awareness is practice with alertness from moment to moment. It is the inner dimension, the reality which gives you the power of letting go and choiceless awareness. And gives you your own Shaktis power. Then, reflected in you are the 36 tattwas. Divine self with experience of transcendental consciousness which comes from Shiva Dhyan Yoga. Shiva Dhyan Yoga awakens your consciousness. Once you are self-realized, you become awakened. This is possible with Shiva Dhyan Yoga.

The one who through Shiva Dhyan Yoga realizes his eternal essential self develops wonderful supernormal powers. A Shiva Dhyan Yogi develops the power of joining the elements of the entire existence, bringing together everything, by space and time. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives the experience with the supreme I consciousness with a mantra, tantra and yantra.

A Shiva Dhyan Yogi gets isolation from Prakriti, the impact of the 3 gunas & from maya (illusion). Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga experience a Self Awakening, get the existence of a consciousness, & Sat Chit Ananda, which is the soul – Truth, Consciousness & Bliss, which comes from Shiva’s grace, as the existence & the consciousness. In that way, reach self-realization acquiring the status of Shiva with a liberated self in the existence, consciousness & Sat Chit Ananda, Truth, Consciousness & Bliss, the self with the wonderer delight of I-consciousness.

Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

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