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Spiritual Experience in Himalaya

After going up in the Himalaya, Shiva Guruji saw in the blue light the divine Shakti. The Himalayan Master felt that the whole sky transformed into a divine blue light and on the top of the Himalaya there was a blue light of blessings and he could see all his body was with seven layers of seven colors with a blue tint. The Master’s first desire body which was normally red reflected a tint of blue. It was a very beautiful moment, Shiva Guruji described. He felt that he had accomplished Mata and Shiva Shakti. It was a good moment indicating that Shiva Guruji met the sky, the self and Shiva in Himalaya and all trinity of sky, self & Shiva was dancing in him. Shiva Guruji’s whole system of the internal seven chakras was rotating as a blue galaxy, enlightening. In his navel chakra the whole whirlpool of the galaxy. The whole universe (brahmanda) was circling with a divine star and his heart was filled with the superstars of the divine Masters. Shiva Guruji was chanting Omkara in his Vishudda (throat) chakra and in the Agya chakra, the third eye. There was a beautiful transparent blue light, in the third eye, Shiva. Shiva was blessing, transforming, transferring, transcending light to the energy divine, the Shakti. Then Shiva Guruji saw Mata, the divine Goddess, standing next to Shiva. Shakti was smiling and blessing.

Shiva Guruji shared that with wisdom of wonder and awe he realized that he had been so divinely blessed, that he was Thy, and Thy was his. The existence and eternity was blessing Shiva Guruji in the blue light, on the mountain of Himalaya, the snow, the sky, the self and magic of mountain, was completing the trinity dance in his soul self, body self & mind self. Shiva Guruji had become the emperor of the trinity of the self of soul, body & mind and sat in a silence of serene spirituality. The infinite inclination was inspiring Shiva Guruji with Shiva = Synergy Harmony Initiation Vast Awakening. His existential eternal existence, was like the sun of Shiva, the sun of Shakti. It was awakened, with the wisdom enlightened with eternal expansion, and Shiva Guruji became whole and complete.

OM Purnamadah Purnamidam

Purnata Purnamudachyate

Purnasya Purnamaya

Purnameva vashishyate

Shiva Guruji realized the essence of this mantra and got himself whole and complete. He got the ultimate form of fantastic fantasy, of the fabulous & beautiful Satyam Shivam Sundaram, which is Truth, Consciousness & divine beauty and of SHIVA = Symphony Harmony Intone Vibrational Aspiration Audio.

As Shiva Guruji moved out of his past experience, his body was still and he felt that he was in the whole cosmos. Shiva Guruji described “In me Thy was there, in Thy, I was there”. It was the whole mountain magic of a magnificence that Shiva Guruji experienced. In that moment Shiva Guruji’s cosmic Kundalini awakened. And the Himalayan Master had darshan of Shiva in the initiation of his awakened soul. The Kundalini energy awakened with all the seven chakras, with all seven cosmic colors. Shiva Guruji experienced how this energy of awakened atoms came, the kundalini Shakti force, which has given him awakened consciousness of Chaitanya, the consciousness, and his soul finally has seen oneness with Shiva & Shakti and Shiva Guruji became the Ganesha of grace. Shiva Guruji became part of the cosmic consciousness, the creation of trinity, Shiva, Shakti & Shiva Guruji. It was an experience of the cosmic Kundalini from Kriya Yoga creation to Raja Yoga awakening to Shiva Dhyan Yoga initiation. “9 years of Himalayan journey have given me finally the blessings of Shiva Dhyan Yoga and with Shiva’s grace I got the name of my soul as Guruji Aruneshvar, given by Shiva Mahvatar Babaji. It was a miracle not a mirage. It was as if Shiva as supreme initiator has given me my awakened awakening awareness, the tree of trust, with transcendence and trance and I saw seven Rishis, seven awakened Siddhas blessing me”, Shiva Guruji shared.

Shiva Guruji got all the Shiva Dhyan Yoga & Shiva Sutra knowledge of Vigyan Bhairava and he got initiated as he saw the great Garga Rishi, a great sage and immortal being, giving him the knowing knowledge of a mysterious Navnath siddhi. And Shiva Guruji has experienced that all the Navnath have blessed him. They gave Shiva Guruji initiation of the highest secret of the Self and the divine. Cosmic cosmos, the consciousness and trinity knowledge was transferred in him. Shiva Guruji’s trust transcended to the transformational, phenomenal, absolute reality of his soul. Shiva blessed and initiated Shiva Guruji, at the Mount Mahadeva (Shiva). Truth, was given to Shiva Guruji and from the blessing of a yoga transformation of sacred energy, Shiva Dhyan Yoga pranayama, Shakti balance, soul accomplishment of breathing, of togetherness of Shiva Shakti, the principal of crown chakra, Shiva Guruji was taken to the yogic state of a golden Samadhi.

The Lord Ganesha statue and energy was dancing in the divine dance along with Shiva Guruji, around him, with him and in him. This trinity, awareness, awakening & aspiration, blessed Shiva Guruji with winning wisdom, whispering with the wind, the world wind, divinely around him, with the whole existence.

In Shiva Guruji’s sincere seeking all over the world, he has become Paramahansa, the divine swan of spirituality. Shiva Guruji’s great passion was knowing the astral philosophy, astral cosmic creations and awakening vedic astrology. He was deeply interested in knowing the mystery of the human consciousness.

Blessed with the Darshan of Shiva himself and the darshan of 9 Navnath, the highest Mahvatar and Shiva form, travelling to sacred places in Himalaya including Kedarnath, Shiva Guruji followed Shiva, Vigyan Bhairava & Shiva Sutra. His eyes were always on the search of excellence. The light meditation of Sahasrar Surya, of the sun has given darshan of the sun and an inner super explosion of infinite SHIVA = Sky Heaven In Vast Awakening thousand suns. In Shiva Guruji’s inner space, he saw SHIVA= Sky Horizon Ignition Water Air, the 5 elements in & around him and blessings of Shiva Guruji’s Shiva Dhyan Yoga were finally given by Shiva Guruji’s Mahvatar Guru, Shivanath Baba Damruvale. It was a supreme grace, a true transformation of wisdom into prana, the force of fantastic spiritual development, a divine process of Shiva & Shakti, Shiva Swan yoga and Shiva Dhyan Yoga was following the trinity of Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga & Dhyana Yoga.

Shiva Guruji was reaching the soul, the sacred of divine design, experiencing the breath becoming one with prana, with the Kechari mudra, and getting the explosion of experiences in the Sushuma nadi and in the different bodies and mind. Shiva Guruji experienced the unmani mudra & state of unmani, thoughtlessness, where there is no mind and from there Samadhi, the source of a soul meditation, and Chaitanya, the consciousness. Shiva Guruji experienced an awakening of the consciousness awakening into the Symphonic Harmonizing Inner Vibrational Awakening and Parambrahma, the Shiva nadi, taking Shiva Guruji to the energy Shakti of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. With all the 7 chakras, with the 7 colors and 7 heavens, Shiva Guruji became the Shiva Parambrahma prana in the cosmic Kundalini of a cosmic creation and in prana & consciousness. Shiva Guruji ascended to sages and all the divine design of a divine destiny, awakened and transformed to Shiva Guruji in the transcendental transformation from being to becoming, in the essence, ecstasy, expansion of a spiritual divine self & soul, of a spirituality, serenity and self-realization . Psychic light of a subtle energy, created the radiance inside the clairvoyance of yogic essence of prana. Sages purified Shiva Guruji with Raja yoga of the Navnath focusing from the “I” into trataka, focusing the mind on a matter, material or object of the omnipresence of ongoing wisdom of Shiva Dhyan Yoga.

In Himalaya, Shiva = Seeing Shiva, Hearing Harmony Intoning inner space, Vibrating Visions Awakening Air, created Shiva Guruji as a constant, divine designer & spiritual Master, a miracle, to transcend, transform & travel in the space of time of here & there. In Himalaya, Shiva Guruji saw the sky, coming on earth and earth reaching to the sky, the miracle of melting into the trinity of self, Shiva and the sky.

Om Namah Shivaya

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