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Faith & Shiva Dhyan Yoga

Shiva Guruji says that the Shiva seekers who look closely enough at their own life, they can find peace, they can find trust and they can find faith. Peace, trust & faith, this trinity of emotions will give them Shiva = Self Help In Various Aspiration.

The atheist, the logical minded people, who don't believe anything, unless it is known by the sense organs, they can't accept something unless they see, smell, listen or they actually taste the logical reality of the existence. They think that they don't believe. But you can see that they believe in the five elements of the sense organs and their sensitivity towards the senses.

Shiva Sutra Shradda means faith. Faith moves mountains and that is why all the Shiva seekers go to the mountains, such as Mt Kailash, Mt Matterhorn & Himalaya. Mountain is the grace, the goal of grace & faith. Faith brings transcendental tranquility.

Like from the beginning of our life we have our mother & teachers who guide us. Similarly a realized Master can guide us on our spiritual path. Spiritual attainment is a stage of faith beyond mind and logic. Once the divine Master gives the grace upon the divine disciple, he begins to reveal the self to the seeker. Self-realization, self-awareness, self- awakening and spiritual awakening occur with an awakened intuition and the possibility of a pure power of potentiality is given with Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation. This meditation method for the soul can create miracles of a manifestation of magical peace & trance feeling and one becomes aware of the power of the third eye and of who one is. It is an experience of awakening of the awareness, of finding peace in oneself and of experiencing Oneness with all.

The Master opens the third eye of the divine disciple and transfers the knowledge, transcendental trust, and transforms from the knowledge as a restriction and constraint (gyana bhanda) towards the knowledge, which awakens (gyana jagrata).

Shiva Guruji removes illusion & gives the sight (darshan) of the divine and Shiva Guruji says "Shivena Shiva Sadana", which means "to see Shiva, be Shiva".

In other words, to see divine, be divine. Once you realize that you are miraculous, you can receive a miracle of magic meditation. Shiva Guruji gives you the experience of SHIVA =

Synergy with the Self

Harmony with Humanity

Inspiration & Ignition of the inner light

Vastness in you

Awakening of the Awareness

Shiva Guruji's concept of SHIVA englobes Art, Culture & Philosophy.

Dhyan means meditation and Yoga union with one’s self.

Shiva Guruji's Shiva Dhyan Yoga is about creating and experiencing global peace & harmony.

For Shiva Guruji, Creativity & Technology must come together with the meditation method of Shiva Dhyan Yoga, which is based on Shiva Sutra. Shiva Sutra reveals everything & everyone, the entire universe.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives a free will of super consciousness & Shiva Dhyan Yoga teaches that everything is oneness & that oneness is absolute global grace & the will consciousness.

Shiva = Synergy Humanity Innovation Vast Awakening

The soul is a supreme consciousness. With Shiva Dhyan Yoga we realize that there is no purity, but the self. The consciousness is the only self, which is Chaitanya.

Prakasha is the light, which is pure consciousness.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives the shining physical, mental & spiritual light, light of awareness & awakening with Shiva = Symphony Harmony Intuition Vibration Awakening.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga realizes the supreme SHIVA = Supreme Humanity In Various Awareness.

It is also called God consciousness, Global consciousness & oneness. Thus, Oneness & togetherness are realized beyond the material world thinking.

This Oneness and supreme consciousness is a pure power of divine design & the universe comes forth into being. This God consciousness is the eternal existence. Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga you can get self-realization. You can experience a pure playfulness and a state of loving the cosmic cosmos of a global togetherness with the endless cycles of time. This is an experience of Oneness, of Shiva, in Shiva Dhyan Yoga.

Shiva Guruji gets the dream of Lord Shiva in light, in life & in teaching of Shiva Dhyan Yoga.

When awareness awakening happens with Shiva = Self Help In Vast Awareness, you experience esoteric, eternal expansion. Shiva Dhyan Yoga which is based on Shiva Sutra gives Oneness. You and me and every other being, in this universe we appear to be separate, but in the reality of a divine design, we as a human being are one and only one self, one soul of the supreme soul (Shiva paramatma) destined to achieve enlightenment.

In Shiva Dhyan Yoga you feel your self one with the eternal self.

The entire universe is a swatantria, the free will of supreme consciousness. Shiva Dhyan Yoga teaches that everyone is an expression of the free will of the supreme consciousness. All is SHIVA = Synergy Harmony In Vast Awareness.

In a dream Shiva Dhyan Yoga was revealed to Shiva Guruji at the feet of Mt Matterhorn.

The Himalayan Master had already got a vision of Shivani's coming and receiving the knowledge of Shiva Dhyan Yoga at Mt Matterhorn and how he revealed her the existence of Shivas awakening light before he went there with Shivani few years back. Shiva Guruji has touched, transformed, transcended and transferred all the Shiva Dhyan Yoga knowledge and revealed Shiva Sutra in Shivani's soul, mind and existence at Mt Matterhorn, the Mahadeva Mountain, Shiva’s Mountain.

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