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Experience of Enlightenment

Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar shared an enlightenment experience: The awakening, ascendent Himalayan Master asked in the divine light when he got enlightenment and he saw Shiva himself. Shiva appeared in front of him in the form of light and Shiva Guruji asked Shiva who was with the Nadabrahma, with the voice and the listening light of Shiva: “if everything is predestined already in faith and destiny, then why should I wish and why should I work for the world?”

Shiva in the light smiled and said: “maybe sometimes I give free will to the divine destined ones and say so be that. Maybe sometimes I write and I say the destiny as you wish and many times I give free will and say work & win. Work is a worship. So be that! Work is a worship and it pleases me. Whatever you do, whatever you give, you get. Givers get. Give what you can, give what you want and “uddhyama bhairava”, work and win. Shiva says, the soul is a dancer. Dance with the divine, then your destiny will dance. Whatever happens, happens with cause and reason”.

And then Shiva Guruji realized in enlightening awareness his seventh body. He saw his physical body, his body of supersoul which had earned lots of spiritual knowledge by contemplatio). His face and the entire body were having the whole aura of flower fragrance and the snow of Himalaya reflected in his existence. There was a glow, which nature mirrored on the body and face of Shiva Guruji.

The divine second body of desire was with the desire to be with Shiva and to be Shiva, to see Shiva. Then Shiva Guruji has taken the 2nd body of desire who became like Shiva. Shiva Guruji became a Shiva Master filled with knowing knowledge of the world, the divinity, being divine, great like a God. A giver like a God, he became the divine grace giver. He became like a Shiva, the grace of Shiva, getting the second body of Satyam Shivam Sundaram, the truth, divinity, pure consciousness and beauty.

Shiva Guruji’s second body, the desire body started following the vision of the future, and in the vision he saw the 3 S for Switzerland, San Francisco & Singapore. And he saw positivity with Paris. Shiva Guruji’s physical body aura travelled in all beautiful spaces in the world. For instance, he saw the Cathedral Notre-Dames, he saw saints and many Masters in the second body. He saw all 7 sages of Himalaya, the saptarishis’ power aura, Mahavatar Babaji &Mahatmas (great souls). Moreover, in the divine second body of desire he saw a vision of light, which he has given to 1000 disciples, and he saw a Shakti which has come to India from Switzerland who had been seeking for Mahvatar Babaji and she saw Mahvatar Babaji in Shiva Guruji.

Shiva Guruji saw the desire body of physical appearance, the disciples’ faces and the name of Shiva Shakti came.

The third body dissolved in the center of the divine heart and pierced in the cosmic body. The third body’s aura was dissolving in the cosmic center in Shiva's space. “There was a centering of the 4th body, where the heart expanded, I got nirvana. It was a blessing & bliss departure when the third body dissolved in the universal breath and I went into transcendental trance body and I entered in Shiva as Mahvatar Babaji. I experienced the fourth body as miracle body and I got a miracle and the Nada”. Shiva said “whatever you say, it is the truth and it will happen. Speak only good & do only good. You can transform people with the word, with writing, with sayings for humanity and your purpose is to give spirituality to those who will contribute to humanity!"

The fourth body is a recording of the heart touching. Shiva Guruji saw the fifth body and all his saying as the word is the world. Creation is from life with the world in the sky and the space of words, recording in the mind, body and soul of the devotees in the world. Having seen all the beautiful things in the fifth body, Shiva Guruji started listening to the whole universe. The Himalayan Master saw all the famous people in the fifth body, inspired by the sky, becoming like the air, and the existence moved to all gracious and beautiful things. With closed eyes and the blue light of expansion, whatever Shiva Guruji has read in words has become manifest in the real world. Shiva Guruij saw everybody, all the saints, all the spiritual Masters, writers, Ravindranath Tagore, Vivekananda and many Masters. He had been knowing them from the words and now they became real. Among them there were many Masters & saints. Now, many years later, it is not a surprise for Shiva Guruji to see Saints, churches and sacred places. Shiva Guruji has already seen them before.

When seeing the 6th body in Himalaya, the 3rd eye dissolved with the cosmic Thy, the divine. Shiva Guruji saw Mahvatar Babaji and many Masters. Shiva came and transformed the light of Shiva Guruji and his whole body got enlightened. All his 21 Masters and all Masters appeared in the glowing blue light of Shiva. That blue light went higher and higher and from the 7th light, it became an enlightened space and Shiva Guruji became a diksha giver Master. Initiation for that was given to Shiva Guruji directly by Shiva. All the previous Gurus had told Shiva Guruji that they can’t give him diksha, that Shiva himself would give Shiva Guruji initiation and it has happened. Shiva Guruji became a life Guru with the third eye awakening after the lightening of all 7 bodies from the Mooladhar (root) to the Sahasrar (crown) chakra and Shiva Guruji saw the light all over together with many masters and Mahvatars. In the inner eye & the world of remembrance, in 1000 petals & 1000 Masters, Shiva Guruji saw 1000 Masters, 1000 of his disciples, departed Mahvatars, enlightened Gurus from Himalaya, enlightened from the world, 1000 petals & unseen thoughts transformed into a vision of high blessing. Then the 7th body dissolved into light.

OM Namah Shivaya Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

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