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A clear mind, detachment & power of discrimination

Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga, the mind becomes peaceful and free from doubt and disturbances. It becomes ready for self-inquiry, asking oneself, “who am I”, reasoning, thinking about life, about God, about self, about people, about oneself. Through Self-inquiry one evolves and open and objective mind. Gradually one evolves detachment, which means that one will be balanced and free from compulsions. It means that we live in the world with happiness, because our behavior will not be driven by the emotions and confusion, but instead we are able to live the life which corresponds to our true inner nature, to whom we really are. It is essential to understand who we are holistically, on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. The more we practice Shiva Dhyan Yoga the clearer the mind becomes and we can understand the nature of the body and the mind, which are exposed to changes.

Thus, happiness is a state of mind, which keeps changing and wandering.

In the end the entire creation is always subject to changes and impermanent. The creation, circumstances, people and places are not the source of happiness or sorrow, it is the mind which projects and evaluates it with certain ideas and expectations.

It is important to understand the impermanence of happiness and worries

and that it depends on the control of our mind. A clear mind and detachment are gained through Shiva Dhyan Yoga and help us to keep our bearings when situations change.

Through the mantra “OM Namah Shivaya” we can control our mind also in challenging changing circumstances. With reversed syllables “mana vashi”, it means “control your mind”!

Happiness, sorrow as well as objects in the creation are of an impermanent nature. Develop a feeling of gratitude, but be detached and don’t regret when the objects are not present anymore. Once we understand it, we can be more detached from objects. With detachment we can use the objects intelligently and save energy and resources. With mastery over the mind, the mind is under control and so are our reactions which become free from mechanical response and behavior out of compulsion. Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga we evolve gradually and are able to feel compassion and accept everything and everyone as it is and what it is. At the same time there won’t be excessive attachment to people and objects and we are able to see relationships objectively.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga makes you understand the duality of life, that where there is light, there is also shadow and at the same time you realize your life’s purpose and you gain the ability to focus on it.

What kind of happiness do I seek? Satisfaction of sensory pleasures? This is what is called rajasic. Tamasic pleasure is derived from sleep and laziness. The higher type of happiness is gained from self-control. The highest joy is from the soul, self-expression and self-knowledge once we get in touch with our true Self. The more we practice Shiva Dhyan Yoga, the more we feel and realize what to do and what not to do and when, whether it will lead to a higher happiness & whether It corresponds to our nature.

With this power of discrimination gained in Shiva Dhyan Yoga, we can set the priorities in a way to lead a meaningful and happy life as a giver and achieve self-realization!

OM Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

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