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About Spirituality & Shiva Dhyan Yoga

True spirituality includes all concepts & religions in the entire universe. Spirituality is dependent on the individual self and it is to do with the supreme self, with SHIVA, the divine Thy, with God. Whatever the name it is, it is only a translation of the supreme self. Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra, Shiva, these are names for the supreme self, the almighty lord, God, the absolute which manifests in the individual self.

True spirituality does not consist only in meditation.

Be aligned with the light and believe. Accept everything and everyone & work as a worship.

The key is to focus on the divine all the time. Whoever comes in our life, they come for some reason of getting us ourselves, understanding us.

True spirituality is to understand our mind, our life and God. It is to get joy form the act of living without complaining & blaming as an angel in wonderment. It is necessary to remove negative feelings & make life uncluttered. It starts with cleaning up the home. An uncluttered home makes it possible to have an uncluttered mind. Spirituality is to live a life of inner freedom and guiding principle for life. Spirituality must be of immediate practical benefits as well.

Doing Shiva Dhyan Yoga, you can gain the ability to remain calm & happy in all the life’s situations. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you the freedom to accept the people how and who they are & to contribute if you can. It gives you the freedom to live free from fear. Freedom is inside, giving up preconceived ideas, misconceptions, worries & negative emotions & thoughts. Then life becomes simple and joyous. Spiritual illusion or maya is the failure to see oneness. Everybody is ours. We all work together as humanity, as a human being. Everybody is doing their karma the way they want. Everybody is a son & daughter of God. Everybody's breath is Shiva’s, so be compassionate with everybody.

The inability to see oneness gives you the feeling that you are separate from God. This is duality. Oneness is freedom. Spiritual ignorance clutters the mind. If we are able to free our life from clutter, our mind becomes relieved from unnecessary thoughts. Your mind slowly becomes silent and you will become peaceful and joyous. The practice of Shiva Dhyan Yoga is nature mirroring and it will create a state of meditation in normal life as well, silencing the mind. You will remain in an unbroken state of meditation. You will be able control the mind and Shiva Dhyan Yoga can become your path to reach to the supreme with practice. The entire day and entire life with Shiva Dhyan Yoga & nature mirroring, inner silence & freedom will become your true nature. Work consciously on the divine. Spirituality involves more than meditation. It comprises the study of the mind, looking inward, self-revelation, self-realization, experience and knowing. Look inside yourself, see your breath. Automatically the mind comes. Observe yourself sincerely and make adjustments as required. Do self-observation. True spirituality means to adjust your attitude. Have an attitude of gratitude.

The path of Shiva Dhyan Yoga means breaking out of your mind sets, accepting others. What you are considering good and right might evolve.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga makes you free from knowledge as bondage of “I know”. If you are in the state of oneness you can accept people with their point of view, which is individual and personal. Practicing what the Enlightened Master teaches, you can evolve and change quickly and eventually be who you are. Work with sincere effort. Define a plan of action to make yourSelf happy & blissful. Everyday contribute to somebody else! Nurture your body & nurture your soul. Speak nice, look nice.

Time is a concept. Out of creation, you get happiness.

Life is a manifestation at the absolute. Life is a flow of the divine into magnificeence with an intricate play of its governing forces and an endless drama of the awesome divine. The God of this world can be called by any name and visualized by any form. Depending on our personal preferences and conditioning. God can be visualized as male, female, Ganesha, Shiva, Buddha, Guru, prophet, Saint, Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar, Master or Jesus. Lord God is the one entity, the entire existence which is including everything, the absolute itself, the cosmos with all its living entities, past, present & future, the fathomable, the unfathomable. God is creation, continuation and completion, consisting of the absolute. There is nothing which is not the Lord. Everybody living in this universe will eventually reach to God. Going to the church, to the temple with consciousness, all the paths lead to God. The Lord is a force, an energy. We pray to worship a power, praying to Synergy Harmony Initiation Vastness Awakening. The Lord is the nature of absolute truth and reality. As human beings we go into maya, the illusory word. Among others there is attachment (moha maya), illusion of our desires & needs (maha maya). Thinking that “I am special” is also a Maya. In the end we become light. Light gives happiness to everybody, unconditionally, impartially. Be in a life flow to enjoy the magnificence of the Lord’s creation. Be happy and give happiness to the world. Be free, be blissful. You are free. Think “I am free”. Enjoy peace and live life with perfection. Be happy in all the doing and creation. Contribute to the life of others and be happy. Connect to Thy through Shiva Dhyan Yoga and through the Shiva Spiritualism paintings. We can work towards temporary or eternal. Purity is a quality. Freedom is a choice. Main qualities are discrimination, a high degree of self-control & humbleness. Cultivate good habits and master your emotions, don’t let them master you.

All the births represent a continuity & everything in life happens to teach and to train us. Give time to your Self & do Shiva Dhyan Yoga.

The ego and small desires can misguide us when we are on our way to reach small goals.

There are mainly 3 types of desires: First of all the bodily needs like food & clean water. Second, the aesthetic desire like having a beautiful home, dress well. The third and higher desire is to excel in the profession and to get a higher job. The highest desire beyond these three main desires is to seek out the true identity, to search God. The three lower, simple desires are positive as long as they don’t become an obsession. Don’t try to prove yourself better than others, don’t try to control others. Events have no power to disturb you. it depends on you how much importance you give to them. You must not feel agitated and disturbed. Remain free of trouble on your mind. Through the practice of Shiva Dhyan Yoga your mind can remain undisturbed when good and bad happen and you can break through the bondage due to your mind. In the end you will realize that we all are organs and parts of Thy and that the individual mind is a fiction. It is valid only to the extent we give importance and are attached to it. We have to expand! When we are truly free, we have only the pure consciousness within. Express your Self in Shiva Dhyan Yoga & realize that you are whole and complete. In Oneness, the superconscious state which is beyond the subconscious & conscious state, there is no trouble, there is only happiness.

Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

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