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About God

God is the Supreme, Thy. God is Shiva Shakti, God is the Sky, the One, unique, unparalleled, who is pure, perfect, omnipresent, omnipotent & omniscient. God is the creator, the eternal energy. God is the source, the controller of the Universe, the cosmos & everything.

GOD, Shiva Parambrahma is eternal, without beginning and end. God is infinite, forever Sky Horizon Ignition Water Air – SHIVA – beyond time and space, beyond deeds, the material world of illusion or Maya. HE is the soul of the souls, and the God of the gods.

In Himalaya GOD is called Paramatma, Parambrahma, Purushottam.

“Parambrahma” is beyond or transcendental, the higher consciousness of GOD.

Parabrahm is the Supreme Being – the topmost creator, controller, and the essence of all. Parabrahm is the soul of Brahma. Brahma is described as the body of Parabrahm.

The super-soul or universal soul is called Purusha or Ishvara. Ishvara or Purusha designate the super-soul of the whole universe (Brahmanda). The individual soul is understood as an ontologically different reality from God. The Nature, Praktriti, the individual soul or the inner self is called atma or jiva. Each soul is separate and distinguishes itself from the body. A God-realized person or Saint is Satpurush and representating God on the Earth. A God-realized person can guide us to experience the divine bliss living on Earth. God on the Earth with which we can find some resemblance or similarity. We can communicate with a living Master and He can give us the experience of the divine bliss living on Earth. A soul guide & Guru who is self-realized makes sure that you are getting there, to the core of our Self. A realized Guru connects you to God and to yourself, giving you back to yourself.

Shiva Guruji says, believe in any form of God & Thy will give you blessings of Bliss!

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