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First Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditation: Awareness meditation - the soul is consciousness  - Chaitanya Atm

The first Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditation is about understanding your own breath. Chaitanya atma means, the soul is consciousness. It is a meditation to become aware of yourself and the consciousness for your breath. Chaitanya designates your self, the consciousness of your breath. You are your own breath, which is prana, the awareness. It is the absolute freedom of knowing yourself. Awareness gives aliveness with the gift and grace of God or the higher nature and reality. We are alive with our own breath, being consciousness.

Being aligned with ourselves in a transcendental aspect of our consciousness.

This is called Chittam or Chitta. It is the universal consciousness and means having absolute knowledge of the energy, action and power.

Shiva is the breath. Shiva = Self Harmony In Vast Awareness of a living breath

See this breath in the meditation. It is Parambrahma, the supreme nature.

We are only alive with the breath. When we focus on that breath, you focus on your Self Harmonious Inner Vast Awareness.

We can see and we can feel the world around us. We can see Maya, the illusion and the game of the outer world. Realizing that the soul is consciousness removes the ignorance of the surrounding illusion.

In the end, seeing the breath gives us an inner search of who we really are.

Experience an alignment with yourself, with the existence, a self-dependence (svatantria), a freedom of being with the self.

It is a self-journey of seeing the life breath and the dance of the breath, coming in and going out. It is an experience of awareness and true consciousness.

Experience the universe inside of you with its transcendental and transitional energy.

The soul, the breath, the self is an inner universal energy of knowing and being with yourself, enlightened by the self-realization.

When you close the eyes and focus on your breath, the outer world energy is covered and the SHIVA consciousness unfolds.

Aham means I am and idam this is it. Aham Idam, you become one. The Subject and object become one.

The consciousness of the breath gives you the light within, prakasha. It is the light of all the life, of all awareness.

Because the breathe works we function. If your breath is not there, you are not alive. The breath is our prana, our Shiva. The breath is consciousness, the eternal, absolute and omnipotent essence of our being.

What does this meditation give you? When you do it you will understand: it gives you creative power of the supreme reality of yourself. That is why you will understand that an enlightened Master from Himalaya gives you to yourself.

This first Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation has given enlightenment to Buddha. It is the first and foremost meditation which everybody can experience. It is an eternal absolute relationship to your self. Your breath is the omniscience, all knowledge. Your breath makes your activity omnipotent. Seeing, walking, acting, dancing, whatever we create is a creation of the breath. The breath makes Chaitanya, the consciousness alive.

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